Specialty CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutters For Cake Designers And Event Plann…

Did you know that endless amount of shapes and objects are made out of foam? Weather the foam is visible to the eye, or if hiding inside wood or concrete, it is there! – The crown molding in houses, the displays and sculptures you see in a museum, the far away control plain you watch flying in the park, the signs on the shops you pass by every day, the packaging material your shipped item arrived in and so much more.

The industries that are in need of foam cutting are endless in addition – construction, architecture, sculptures & monuments, packaging, signs, movies, props, theme parks, RC & hobby models, aeronautics, aerospace, mechanical engineering, prototyping, boats, to name only a few.

Now, another whole industry can take advantage of foam cutting sets – the “fake cake” and event planning industry.

Cake designers, creators and decorators can now use CNC hot wire foam cutters to create “fake” or “dummy” cakes for any event. There are several companies that are selling hot wire foam cutters; However, a Silicon Valley, CA based company has developed foam cutters that comes in kits and are specifically appropriate for cake design, signs, logos and letters. The kits are low cost, and are user-friendly.

The foam cutters kits are CNC machines, which average they are controlled by a computer. The cake creator will put the desired cake shape into the computer, and then the foam cutter will do the foam cutting for them.

The machines are built as 2 metal towers, with a hot wire running between them, connected to an electronic strength supply. Once turned on, the hot wire will melt the foam just in improvement of contact, moving in X and Y axis directions, consequently cutting the foam shape. The machines are made for 24-hours continuous operation with cutting speed of us to 20″/a minute.

The CNC hot wire can cut many types of foam, mainly EPS (Expanded polystyrene), XPS (Extruded polystyrene) and EPP (Expanded polypropylene). Cake creators will most likely use the EPS, white kind of foam, and the hot wire foam cutter is ideal for that. Since the machines can also cut logos, letters and signs, the cake creator can later also decorate the “fake cake” with letter, props and shapes, already decorate the tables themselves. The EPS foam is safe for everyone, and is easily painted with any water-based or oil-based paint to any color desired.

Before, cake designers had to cut their cakes by hand, but now they can use a hot wire foam cutter, creating a noticable finish for a special day. Using the machine as opposed to a manual cut will consequence in much more precise shapes, fast and accurate cuts, consequently saving time and money. Having to supply the cake to its small details, cutting the cakes by hand and meeting streaked deadlines are not easy responsibilities, resulting in frustration and feeling of overwhelming at times. This is where owning a foam cutter can be a life changing experience.

The foam cutters kits are user friendly, easy to assemble and function, and the software is easy to understand and use. Set-up time is a matter of 1-2 hours from the time all parts are taken out of its package till the machine is fully functional and ready to be operated.

Preparing a personalized cake, a wedding cake or any kind of custom-made cake can be challenging. However, creating it with a CNC hot wire foam cutting machine can alleviate some of that pressure.

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