STUMPED? Good Questions To Ask a Psychic WITHOUT Looking Silly

STUMPED? Good Questions To Ask a Psychic WITHOUT Looking Silly

What should I ask a psychic?

Are there questions that should be avoided… or is everything fair in love, war and psychic readings. 🙂

The truth is, it truly depends a lot on you, and a lot on the specific reader you are speaking to. Believe it or not, much like any other human relationship or emotional interaction, different people have different comfort levels being intimate with personal information. And while most psychics are more than happy to tackle already the toughest of questions, often it’s the callers or clients who need a little bit of time to warm up before revealing too much.

Good questions to start with?

I’ve found that asking general love, passion or purpose questions are a great way to begin. They’re often “innocent” enough, and offer you a chance to develop rapport, relationship and connection with the psychic or intuitive, before diving in and taking a look at things that maybe more emotionally difficult, or that may make you eager to ask to quickly.

I recommend avoiding…

Questions about death, disease or end of life…especially your own. 🙂 Why? Because most psychics won’t be comfortable entertaining those sorts of inquiries, and to be honest with you, it’s simply NOT the kind of question that serves anyone well. Remember, most psychic information is read and then interpreted symbolically, and asking the kind of questions that can have those sorts of implications WITHOUT knowing with 100% certitude if the information is in fact true, can have life long ramifications which are best left up to the hands of karma… and fate.

I’ll tell you this:

The most important thing to remember to do, when getting a reading is to RELAX. Enjoy yourself… and look at it was an amazing opportunity to get insight, information and a little bit of life enlightenment, without putting too much pressure on yourself in the time of action. If there has been anything I’ve learned in my 20 year journey of readings and psychic experiences of ALL types, is that the more open you are, the more FUN you have with the mystery, the more magical the adventure becomes along the way. 🙂

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