Technology Makes Driving Simple

Technology Makes Driving Simple

Great things are happening. Technology is reaching new heights everyday and things are getting crazy, but in a good way. The internet has brought wonderful things to the lives of millions around the world, saving money is one of them. Thanks to the internet things are cheaper, you can buy things for a lower price than you would buy them at a shopping mall. You can talk to people in other cities or countries nearly for free by using sets like Skype or MSN, you can find free information on any subject, you can also get almost any kind of assistance by a computer like medical assistance and stuff like that, and you can already go to college and get a master’s degree online.

I could use the whole day writing about how the internet makes our lives easier and better, but that’s not what I’m going to do right now, instead I prefer talking about the things that I like the most. One thing I really love to do is driving, I’m what you could call a “Ryder”. I just love driving and the internet has made my driving already more fun thanks to the help of companies like Google and MapQuest .

Both of them provide me with accurate turn by turn driving directions, both of them are great, but if you are planning to use one of these two to get driving directions then I would recommend MapQuest, simply because MapQuest has been online in the map industry longer than Google, and MapQuest is the most used online mapping software to get driving directions and according to its users the most accurate.

Anyway they both provide 360 degree street views for many cities in the U.S and across the world, and that’s one of the features that I enjoy the most from both of them, although Google has great features that MapQuest does not have, like biking directions and routes, transit directions, and walking directions. Anyway both of these companies have made my driving better, and thanks to things like these I feel that I owe the internet a big hug.

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