Termites Cause excessive Amounts Of Damage

Termites Cause excessive Amounts Of Damage

There are not many people who have not seen the damage that pests cause at one time or another. But some people are oblivious to the fact that these pests are already in the home at all until it is much too late to save anything. If an invasion is suspected, try looking up ‘Northern Kentucky termite’ or ‘termite’ to see what is obtainable in the local areas.

These creatures make all kinds of damage and since they eat from the inside out, they often do not leave any telltale signs for the householder to see. The first thing that they noticed is the wood in the vicinity starts to sound hollow when tapped. Indeed, some pieces of wood are eaten completely with only the paint staying in situ. If this is sustain beams or chairs etc it can be very dangerous for unsuspecting people who are using the facilities.

The creatures begin to habited a certain area and then, in search of food, they start to tunnel their way to obtainable food supplies. They really do not care if this is a house or a tree as long as they can get to the cellulose in the wood it really does not matter. These critters can put out tunnels in all directions and the piles of soil on surfaces of lawns or grassy areas should be investigated thoroughly.

Other signs are earth tube like structures which traverse inedible areas like concrete or steel. The creature has to build these tunnels to protect its body from drying out. To check if there is a colony that is active, brush away a few inches of these tubes and watch to see if the tubes are being rebuilt over some time. If they are then there is a very active colony nearby.

The traditional method of fixing this problem included digging a thorough ditch all around the character that is being affected. Once the time of action is completed, the exterminators will pour many gallons of strong chemicals into the ditches in the hope of killing off these little munching machines. Although this is the accepted method of getting rid of the pest it is rather dangerous since the toxic chemicals are not good for anyone including the garden that it is being poured into.

These days there are other methods which are a little more high-tech and consist of feeding tubes being sunk into the ground at regular intervals around the character. The poisoned bait is laid into each tube and the whole thing will be observed to see where and if the bait is being taken. Once this is ascertained, the exterminator can concentrate on this area alone which method that less toxic chemicals or bait is being used throughout.

What happens in this case is that the poison is carried back to the nest and ultimately the queen will be killed off. Once this has happened, the whole colony will die since they need the queen to survive. It really is a simpler method by far.

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