The Conundrums of Religion and Why They Require Taking Myths, Magic, &…

The Conundrums of Religion and Why They Require Taking Myths, Magic, &…

In my youth I attended a Catholic catechism school on Sundays. When they were teaching us about the ‘tower of Babble’, where ‘The’ Almighty God Himself felt so threatened by a bunch of ancient men 4200 of years ago building a tower with sticks He feared would succeed in reaching heaven and take over…

So, He pulled out his Divine smiting finger and poof!…

Everyone began speaking different languages and could no longer communicate well enough to finish this tower of sticks to the heavens.

I blurted out,

“Wow! If God was that upset about those old guys, He must really be mad about New York City! They’ve got hundreds of buildings way bigger than any ancient stick tower! “

Well, that didn’t go over well…

I get sent to the principal’s office to see the head nun.

Let me tell you, this was a very old school nun…

Loving kindness was NOT part of her doctrine.

As she came down on my innocent wee arse with an unholy vengeance.

Going on about respect, disrespect and at any rate blasphemy method to a 2cd grader…

I ingemination really trying to take all this serious because I want to learn about doing magic and miracles… and thought that they must be teaching me ‘the kid’s version’ of the Bible with these mythic stories.

So when I asked stern nun:

“Perhaps I’d understand all this better if there was an adult version of this story?”

I thought this old gal was going to burst into flames…

Next thing I know, my mom was called to pick me up…

I wasn’t a good fit.

This left me disinctive of how I’ll ever avoid going to ‘hell’ since already at 7 years old I’m told sternly that I’m on my way there already.


When I was about 12, I had come up with a way to make my chronic migraine headaches go away. They were a very serious kind of headache that sent me to the Dr a few times; I was prescribed some heavy-duty pills for these headaches.

But was told that I should try to avoid these pills as much as possible, the side effects with too many was… bad. So,

When the overwhelming pain felt like my head was going to explode…

I’d imagine what it would look like if I could go inside my head and see what’s going on to cause these enormous headaches.

In my imagination, I visualized a dream-scape place…

Manicured rolling grass, a babbling brook, an arched bridge, beautiful things growing… but there was this awful thick black smoke that filled the whole Dream-scape. I searched all around in my head’s dream-scape to see if there was something causing this black smoke…

As I focused on the top of my head, where the skull parts come together…

I visualized ‘zooming in’ on the separation between skull parts…

Then I was able to see light coming in by this space.

And I started to notice that now the smoke can escape.

As this was happening, I began to relax a lot, knowing that soon all the smoke will be gone, and things will be nice again here in this dream-scape.

Once the smoke escaped, the sunlight shown by the crown of my head, and everything was beautiful again… and… my headache was gone. This technique worked about 7 out of 10 times… within a few months, the headaches never returned.

This was not a miracle; it is just using the mind to get some nerves to relax.

Turns out the Tibetan Bon monks used a very similar technique in their Dzogchen practice.

During my mid-teens I was inspired to learn as much as I could about developing the psychic powers to do some niffy healing stuff that I was told Jesus did.

Meditation was always the first step in such an endeavor.

So, I applied what I learned about meditation and earnestly started a practice.

After a bit of time, I began exploring lucid dreaming with the hope of experiencing some sort of ‘astral traveling’…

I did indeed experience some very exceptional states of conscious…

However, already the most profound experience could never already be close to being a miracle.

As a young adult I took a number of psychic workshops with a very reputable teacher. It was proven that we all have some amount of ‘psychic powers’. Basically, it’s simply a heightened sense of awareness, a gut feeling, an intuition…

A meditation practice was the required first step.

Often, we were paired up,

one person thinks a color, the other tries to ‘sense’ it.

This worked way more than chance would randomly dictate.

We then went deeper,

one would imagine a scenery, the other would ‘sense’ it.

Impressive results.


meditation was required to help focus one’s concentration.

After many months, the results deepened.

Although I had hoped to learn to do psychic healing…

ya know, since Jesus did, I’m on track to do so also.

We did learn how to examine someone and ‘sense’ any blockage of chi or aura…

This was remarkably inspiring… lots of good vibes projected, in addition,

nevertheless no miracle healing here.


As I grew older, in these ‘postmodern’ times, the reality is that

myths, magic, and miracles were certainly not real.

It has never been proven that anyone on this planet has such powers.

Sure, there have been many that were written about in scriptures, purported to be those that can do such miracles, but curiously, there has never been any real proof.

At best, in a very thorough state of meditation, one can experience a ‘state of conscious’ that would be very difficult to explain without it sounding like a literal form of myth, magic, and miracles… in addition things that occur in one’s dreams, mind, meditation or imagination cannot be considered a literal form of myth, magic, and miracles.


All major religions and most spiritual traditions formed their perspectives heavily based on a literal form of myth, magic, and miracles because 2000 to 18,000 years ago the collective world view was all about this.

It was commonly understood by most folks back then that they themselves can’t do magic, but they were convinced that mystics or high priests or witches can.

The scriptures were written with a necessity to align with this supernatural spin.

This was nevertheless the way of our people back in the 1800’s when Joseph Smith produced the Mormon religion. It was cram packed with wildly ridiculous forms of myth, magic, and miracles because without all this ‘supernatural’ stuff, the people in the 1800’s nevertheless demanded from any reasonable church or religion that a literal form of myth, magic, and miracles must be in the doctrine, otherwise there would be no bases to join a new church or religion.

Why any post-modern rational person stills buys into this religion is beyond my wildest guess.

If one is not totally locked ‘hook line & sinker’ into a religion that states that they alone has the Ultimate Truth and the only way to their projected version of ‘heaven’…

Consider a Path of Personal Philosophic Spiritual fulfilment.

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