The Melaleuca Compensation Plan: Unravelling Its Complexity

The Melaleuca Compensation Plan: Unravelling Its Complexity

Why Do They Make These Things So complicate?

Is it just me or have network marketing compensation plans become increasingly mind boggling since the early days? The Melaleuca compensation plan has certainly followed this trend. It’s 11 pages long!

But the real question is this: is there any real money to be made with the Melaleuca compensation plan? Or would you just be wasting your time and efforts on this company if you joined?

Well, there is a reason why pay plans have become more complicate than they used to be. And it’s a good reason. Companies have come to realize that simply paying out monthly commissions is not enough to generate excitement when people are building their business. Monthly residual incomes that will build up over time, as good as they are, will simply not keep the average distributor motivated enough to continue. So many companies have additional a lot of different bonus plans and multiple ways to get paid more quickly. This creates momentum in the distributors’ business, fuelling growth.

Melaleuca Compensation Plan – The Strengths

The Melaleuca pay plan is one of these multi-faceted plans. There are many, many ways to get paid.

First, there are commissions off product sales. One of the huge benefits of being with Melaleuca is they have a lot of long term customers. People really are loyal to this brand and will tend to keep purchasing month after month. This can amount to good residual incomes over time.

Second, there are various rank advancement bonuses. This is a set amount paid to you when you improvement within the company. And with over 40 ranks in the pay plan, there are lots of opportunities to get these bonuses. They can really add up. Plus, when people in your downline improvement from rank to rank, you can also qualify for additional bonuses because you supported them in their progress. MLM is truly about people helping people and the Melaleuca compensation plan certainly captures this sentiment.

Third, there are car allowance bonuses. Melaleuca can get you into a car allowance fairly quickly. They truly have 2 different car bonuses. The initial one is at the Senior Director level, and at the time this article was written it was $400/month. Then as you improvement to the Executive and Corporate Director levels, the bonus is $1,000.

There are also various quick start bonuses on new preferred customer sales and the business builder kits plus a few additional bonuses. The quick start bonuses are great; they can really give a financial jolt of energy into your business which can create that basic excitement and momentum.

Melaleuca Compensation Plan – The Challenges

What may not be obvious at first to peek briefly is that you will need a lot of customers and a lot of business builders in your downline to really make a serious income. If you’re looking to just add a associate hundred dollars to your income per month, you’ll be fine with the classical approach of contacting the people you know in order to start selling them the products and maybe sign a associate of people as business builders in your downline.

But if you want to truly go for it and replace your income from your job with this business, or better in addition, if you want to become a 6-figure earner like the big guys, then you need a marketing plan to take you beyond calling up everyone you know. You’ll need to be skilled at getting new leads for your business. You’ll need to be skilled at prospecting those leads and then training them to become leaders within your business. My suggestion is for you to consider a complete marketing system that will take all of the guesswork out of this. I personally use one that got me up and running quickly in my current business by generating leads online. The consequence of this is that you can have people approaching you about your business, instead of having to chase prospects all day long.

So there you have it, the strengths and the challenges of the Melaleuca compensation plan. In my opinion it’s a good plan and this is a truly substantial company with a decent product range. It will, however, take a lot of customers and a lot of people in your downline to make a truly serious income.

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