The Psychic Addiction

The Psychic Addiction

Something that most concerns me in my practice as a Clairvoyant vigorous Chakra Healer, are the people that inform me that they have been to many other healers and psychics, often working with several at once. They often tell me that they have spent thousands of dollars going to these people and dont feel that they have benefited from it. I will already hear outrageous stories about the ethics of some of these so-called healers, such as being told they needed to have a chakra cleared or else never have love in their life and then charging $3600 to clear a single chakra, or sending a swami in India $875 a month to take his classes and have him clear their karma for them. Some people truly become addicted to going to psychics to be told their future or be given a reading about their lives. They become so co-dependent with psychics that they can hardly make their own decisions without having to have them approved of by a gifted person. Unfortunately, many psychics are only in it for the money, and think nothing of the ethics involved in stringing along a person greatly lacking in self-confidence and discernment. Also to be considered are fraudulent people who claim to be psychic but instead are gifted at preying on peoples gullibility and telling them what they want to hear. As a genuine clairvoyant vigorous chakra healer, I hear these stories all too frequently. It is my goal to inform people and give them the information necessary for them to make the best possible decisions about whom to work with.

So how do you know if you might be addicted to going to psychics or healers? The first thing that should be considered before engaging the sets of a psychic or healer is whether there is a psychological need or dependence for this service. If you feel that you cant live your own life, or make your own decisions, without checking everything with a psychic first, you will be better served by going to a mental health expert. You might not be in the right space and are a likely candidate for frauds to target. Healing and psychic work should only be engaged by people ready to make their own decisions and take responsibility in their lives. If you are not ready to change things, you are not going to see benefits with psychics or healers.

Another important aspect to determine is whether you can provide these sets. Some healers or psychics charge outrageous prices for their sets. They are designed to frighten gullible people into thinking they need to have these sets at outrageous prices. already people who charge a reasonable fee for real work can be outside the price range of some addicts- but this doesnt stop them. Some people will go into debt looking for someone who claims to be psychic and will tell them exactly what they want to hear. They get addicted to hearing about their future and the amazing soul mate and twin flame they are going to find. They will keep hopping from psychic to psychic until they find someone that flatters their egos or hopes and dreams sufficiently. This is unfortunate because genuine healers and psychics will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and sometimes the truth isnt pleasant. The fakes are the most likely to fill your head complete of fantasies.

If you are an addict you might not be content to see one healer or psychic at a time. People who are addicted almost always have several sessions with several different people, often at once. They arent content to find one person to work with, and stay committed. They might attend more than one healing session in a day, never being able to ascertain what modality is making the difference in their life. This method that in order to continue results, they have to keep doing everything. You can find people going to the chiropractor and acupuncturist, along with doing massage, reiki, energy tapping, and other types of healing- all at once. Not only is this extremely costly, but there is no way to determine what is really making the difference. Most people receiving benefits are fearful of discontinuing anything for fear of losing their results! (This is why its a good idea to work with only one practitioner at a time!)

If you feel you might be addicted to psychics and healing sets, and you insist on continuing with these sets, there are a few shared sense things you can do to help your situation. First, set a budget for yourself that is well within your cost of living. Dont go past that budget! Dont buy into the hype some people purport about their amazing sets. DO RESEARCH! Look for testimonials and reviews on these people. Dont just rely on posted excerpts from emails theyve received from clients. Make sure they are genuine reviews from an outside source like Google Reviews or Merchant course of action. Make sure they have some kind of Money Back Guarantee so you can be reasonably assured you are dealing with a genuinely gifted individual. Make certain that their fees are reasonable for what they do. And dont pay by the minute. That is a gimmick that many frauds use who are gifted at getting you to talk. Find someone who offers timed sessions at reasonable prices so you have a good idea of how long your time will be and what you can expect in a session. Stay away from psychics who only do past life readings, soul readings, future readings, or other things you can never verify. These are frauds that are gifted at telling you what you want to hear and you will be throwing your money away. Make sure your clairvoyant can tell you detailed information about your life, without offering any information of your own, and you will have a better experience. Avoid healers that do things like reiki or other types of clearing that dont include you and make you responsible to choose to release the energy you produced. That kind of healing doesnt work. Free Will healing involves you directly and a clairvoyant will tell you what you need to release, but make you responsible to release it to them. This will often produce profound results, unlike healing where the practitioner claims to be doing it all for you. And only work with one healer/psychic at a time to insure that you are truly receiving the results you are paying for.

These tips should help you to have a better and more fulfilling experience with the psychic or healer you do choose to go to. Hopefully it will help you cut down on your expenditure, and get a service that is worth the money you use on it!

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