The Secret of Egregores Has strength to Bring You Unlimited Success and t…

The Secret of Egregores Has strength to Bring You Unlimited Success and t…

Call it what you will – consensual reality, collective consciousness, zeitgeist, archetype or already the matrix and you would not be too far from the powerful truth about a little-known occurrence called an egregore (sometimes spelled without the final “e”).  at any rate label you choose to give to this mysterious entity, be aware that it has the ability to affect, to influence and to create your outer reality and the way in which you perceive what is “out there.”

Derived from a Greek information meaning “watcher,” an egregore is understood by many influential organizations (and within occult circles) to average a collective thought-form which, when consistently energized by groups of people with similar aims and aspirations, takes on a life of its own in the etheric size.  If the creation of such an entity is intentional, purposeful and consistent, it can become very powerful and can be call upon by members of a group to help them unprotected to specific goals and desires.

Many types of egregores can be produced, whether consciously or unconsciously, at all levels of society – from family units all the way up to corporations, nations and already racial groups.  Animals have their own egregores as evidenced by their hive-mind behavior and herd instinct – traits which, sadly, are also exhibited by members of many firmly knit human organizations including cultic, fundamentalist religions and isolationist nations.

Knowledge of the egregore is jealously guarded within the confines of secret organizations – for a very powerful reason.  These astral entities are capable of either helping humans manifest their desired realities or, at the other extreme, act as reality prisons in order to assistance the few who control this secret knowledge.

Interestingly, most people who belong to social clubs, culturally homogenous communities and work environments instinctively refer to the “group ethic” or “team spirit” of their organizations.  Little do they realize that at the non-physical or etheric level, an actual entity does exist, embodying their shared goals, objectives and aspirations.

Many egregores begin quite humbly – usually triggered by the innocent, wistful desires of individuals who do not realize that the random thought-forms generated are capable of combining with other similar thought-forms, ultimately gaining strength and autonomy.  however, when an individual or group deliberately and knowledgeably creates such an energy entity to help unprotected to specific goals, a so-called servitor is produced.

These “helper” energy forms possess a degree of intelligence – which is why they will often strive to become independent and independent as they expand into powerful egregores.  consequently, when creating a servitor, you must always make provisions for keeping it under your control as long as possible.

If an egregore is continually energized (and there are many ways to do this) it can become so possessive and all-consuming that its members will often find it difficult to escape its influence, unable to understand why they are addicted and attached to these groups and organizations.  If you are at all interested in attempting to “ride on” the strength of an already-existing egregore in order to create your desired reality, make sure that you are fully aware of what you are getting into.

Indeed, like the mythical genie-in-a-bottle, you can tap into the rare reality stream these etheric entities in order to manifest desires beyond your wildest dreams – ESPECIALLY if you can find an already-existing egregore produced to promote aims similar to your own.  Most of the notorious secret societies in existence today (I’m sure you can think of a few) have well-established egregores which were produced in past generations by their founders in order to further the aims, careers, strength structures and wealth of its members.

It is no accident that organized religions utilize repeatable ceremonies and rites while the average church-goer remains unaware that these rituals were designed to drain their psychic energy to satisfy and strengthen existing egregores.  Miracles and other such uncommon or unexplained occurrences are often merely the physical manifestations of well-established religious egregores.

Egregores should not be taken lightly nor should they be ignored.  Most of your life’s circumstances are brought into physical “reality” as the consequence of they way in which these consensually-produced entities interact with each other at the etheric level.

The by-now iconic depiction of the reality matrix in science fiction books and movies can only give a limited, often-skewed idea the real egregore occurrence.  In truth, there are many types and forms of these entities, each vying for astral “space” in their efforts to manifest within the physical plane.

Corporations and countries are very aware of the strength of egrgores and continually strive to strengthen these matrices by using such techniques as branding and subliminal symbolism.  As the general populace unquestioningly embraces the influence of these giant egregores, they unwittingly energize these their own etheric prisons in a kind of endless, often inescapable loop-mechanism.

To utilize a preexisting egregore to unprotected to your desires, choose one (egregore) which is already well established and which was produced to further specific goals with which you are in agreement.  Most importantly, keep fully aware of what happens at the unseen (etheric) level when you do tap into an egregore.

Be fearless but also be well informed.  This hidden occurrence is how the “powers-that-be” control the masses – but who says that YOU can’t play the same game for your own assistance?

Do a lot of research on this subject matter (although you will find that most of this information nevertheless remains purposely hidden from plain sight).  Truly, this knowledge is extremely powerful and with persistence and enough information, you will be greatly rewarded beyond your wildest dreams!

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