The Shocking Truth About Psychic Powers Revealed

The Shocking Truth About Psychic Powers Revealed

If someone asked you point blank if you believe in psychics, what would you say? Maybe that depends on who asked you, but many people do believe in psychic readings already though they don’t want their friends to find out!

It’s true, we all want to believe that there is some truth to it, right? Many thousands of people call psychic hotlines each day to find out the answers to certain topics they need to find out quickly. Life changing questions; how is my job going to turn out? Will I get laid off soon? Is my boyfriend/husband cheating on me? Is there a chance that my grandmother is nevertheless here, close by? There are many things people want to know that nobody could possibly tell them except someone that has psychic abilities.

If you aren’t familiar with them, there are several different types of psychics. Not all of them have exactly the same skills, which is good because you may not want someone to talk to the dead if you want to know how your love life will turn out. Here are some of the kinds of psychics that are obtainable, and you can decide which suits your needs from there.

The most shared kind of psychic strength is clairvoyance, having the ability to see or visualize with a persons mind, without the use of the other five senses. This is akin to “seeing the future”, as it’s typically associated. Depending on how well developed a persons clairvoyant powers are, they may see fleeting flashes of images, or complete scenes in some detail. The better a psychics strength the more detailed they usually are with predictions or readings as they are called.

Another kind of psychic strength is called clairaudience, which is the ability to intercept messages for another plane of existence. These message may come from people who have long since been deceased, or simply messages from relatives that are powerful enough to convey already though they are in this world.

When messages are merely felt in one way or another, whether physically or just on an emotional plane, they are referred to as clairsentience which is slightly like getting a “feeling” that something is about to happen. We have all felt that, right? This is something that is hard to understand, but all physical beings are connected by an energy which can be felt by those who are sensitive to it. Really good psychics can just feel when something good or bad is about to happen.

You have probably heard of telekinesis, which is the ability to effect objects with the mind. Unless you have seen someone in person doing this, it’s hard to truly wrap your mind around it. Remember the Amazing Kreskin? He presumably could bend spoons with his mental powers. Other amazing powers are also the consequence of telekinesis in addition.

Mental telepathy is the ability to connect by another persons mind with your mind, again without using the five senses. These are the main powers of psychics that most people are familiar with and in one way or another used by the majority of mentalists and psychics. Do you believe? Whether you are truly convinced or not, find out the truth today by calling a psychic hotline or visiting a medium. You may be pleasantly shocked to hear what they have to say.

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