The Unwavering Loyalty of a St Bernard

The Unwavering Loyalty of a St Bernard

The copy of St. Bernards have many wonderful qualities and characteristics. The dog makes a great family pet, and are highly tolerant of other animals. They are fun-loving and extremely friendly, they are people-pleaser’s and content to be a human companion. St. Bernards are happy go for walks, or just content to lay stretched out on the couch being near you. However, the best part of having a St. Bernard is the dogs unwavering sense of loyalty.

St. Bernards are known for being exceptionally loyal and loving to their owners and will freely defend them against any perceived danger. This is not to imply a St. Bernard is a vicious, aggressive dog, on the contrary. They will most likely offer up a lot of protective barking and grownling, but not inflict any real damage. A St. Bernard has loyalty for his owner and family, that will supersede his docile character. This is highly uncommon for a dog with such temperament, and is by far and away one of the best characteristics of the copy.

As a copy, a St. Bernard is a very friendly dog, they love their family, and strive to make friends with people. This is great for people who have many visitors coming into the home because they do not have to have concerns about their St. Bernard becoming territorial and aggressive. However, the second a friendly visitor makes a threatening gesture towards the family, he will react in a protective manner and this is another great characteristic the dog possesses.

These qualities all combine to prove that a St. Bernard is an unwaveringly loyal dog. The dog will bond closely with his master and form strong ties with other family members in addition. When the dog is raised around children, they become a member of the “pack,” and as a part of the family, the dog will become fiercely loyal to them also.

A St. Bernard loves being in contact with humans, and does not function well if left alone. This can be one of the issues with having such a loyal dog, he will pout and often characterize destructive behavior when left alone for long periods of time. However, this trait is most commonly see in all dog breeds, and should not be contributed to the St. Bernard copy only.

Your dog will want to use as much time as possible with the family, so make sure you go to the park and provide plenty of outings where the dog can join you. A St. Bernard that is well-socialized will thrive on being around new people and quickly form bonds with your friends, especially ones that are present often. However, a St. Bernards number one loyalty lies with you and your family, so there is no need to be concerned the dog will move affections to anyone else. It’s important to start dog training from a very early age. Training your new pup from 2-3 months will really help you bond with your St. Bernard. If trained correctly, a St. Bernard will be the perfect addition to any household.

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