The World of Warcraft Guide to Silk Cloth Farming

If you enjoyed the World of Warcraft guides on cloth farming where profits from farming linen and wool cloth mobs was amazing then you should probably head to Desolace (level 25 up) next to level farm where the best drop rates of silk cloth can be found. When you get there farm Centaurs which have three major settlements in the area namely: Kolkar Village on the eastern side of Desolace, Magram Village in the southeastern area and Gelkis Village found in the east slightly south.

Another pretty decent identify to farm silk cloth is in Arathi Highlands particularly Stromgarde Keep ruins. Stromgarde is controlled by three factions; The Syndicate which is composed of a group of human criminals originating from Alterec regions; Boulderfist Ogres which is are allied to the Horde; and lastly Stromgarde Human defenders allied with the Alliance, So if you are from the Horde faction you can farm Stromgarde defenders and the Syndicate or Boulderfist Ogres and the Syndicate if you are Alliance allied. Stromgarde also has several quests that gives good xp, gold and quest items that can be sold to NPC’s for several gold coins. Outside of Stromgarde there are also a few decent Syndicate and Ogre camps you can farm silk cloth at.

Another place with numerous spots to farm silk cloth is Stranglethorn Vale (level 32 up recommended). The Kurzen Compound (humans) near the entrance to Duskwood is crawling with Kurzen mobs while quests involving Bloodscalp and Skullsplitter Trolls will take you to their main encampments where you can farm to your hearts delight. If you are near Booty Bay then Bloodsail mobs (humans) line the shoreline for you to farm also.

These areas on the World of Warcraft guides to silk farming are comparatively safe to solo as long as you take your time and not rush things as sometimes mobs tend to stray close together and you will attract a big pack of mobs chasing after you and ending up dead instead. Also observe that respawn time in these areas are decent so make sure to take observe where mobs were standing before you killed them. The last you want to happen is while you are engaged in combat with a mob is for 3 more to create on top of your head forcing you to run back to the location from the closest town. Not only is this a big waste of your time, it’s very bothersome in addition.

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