This Leader Went Into the Presence of God to Discover His Real Problem…

This Leader Went Into the Presence of God to Discover His Real Problem…

The term ‘heart’ in the Bible does not average the emotions only, but includes the mind.

In Psalm 73 verses 21 and 22, Asaph, the writer, is virtually saying and sharing with us that he has been responsible for many of his own problems and troubles.

He discovered when he went into the sanctuary of God, that is, into the presence of God, that his real problem what not the ungodly, but in reality it was himself. How often we find this to be true when are brutally honest with ourselves. A wise mature concerned leader will deal with this and not run away from it.

He had realised that he had soured his heart, and do we not know people who have done that? I have brought this piercing pain upon myself!

The opposite of all this can be found in Philippians Chapter 4 and verses 11 to 13. Paul had learned; he had learned; there are vital lessons we just have to learn, and sometimes they are not easy, but he had learned the hard lesson of how to be content at any rate the circumstances. Not many people arrive at that stage!

I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything by him who gives me strength. That is a mature spiritual leader giving superb teaching.

This is our calling and it is not easy, but it can be learned.

Jesus Christ taught that if any man comes after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross. Self sacrifice is not a lesson frequently taught these days.

Asaph the writer of Psalm 73 tells us that he had behaved like a beast. Now that is strong. He was behaving instinctively, and not using his mind. It is man alone that can consider the consequences of his actions, and that is part of the image of God in man given by God the Creator.

Move away from Creation, and our perfect Creator, and we can end up behaving like animals. The Psalmist knew that. Here are various lessons for every leader. Asaph was aware of the horrendous character of sin.

One of the hallmarks of a disciple of Jesus Christ, of a Christian, is to think. Is that not one of the purposes of the New Testament letters? They were given to believers who had problems and perplexities just like us, and when issues arise, relate to them in the light of salvation, and in the light of the purposes of God.

Did Donald Boyd not teach us about having a general and thorough and wide horizon? Almighty God has a plan and a purpose for these lives of ours.

Our goals are different from the unbeliever. Our aim is different. Our destination is different. Our thinking is different, and it ought to be clear, logical, calm, controlled, balanced and above all spiritual.

A child has to be trained to think and not to be stupid. That is what the information ‘senseless’ really method in Psalm 73.

There is the hint here too that the Psalmist thought that belonging to the people of God would make his life one long pleasurable experience. He knew he belonged to God and he did not expect to be plagued and punished!

Did we not think something like that when we first came to Jesus Christ? His idea of the godly life was false. We have to have our thinking, outlook and attitude readjusted and corrected and aligned with the will of God. But what a privilege that is!

Sandy Shaw

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