thorough FAKE DOUG: Florida Cop NEVER Had Videos of Prince Andrew, Despite…

EX-FLORIDA dirty cop John Mark Dougan has said he has never claimed to have videos of Prince Andrew, Politicalite can show.

Dougan, who was forced to flee to Russia to avoid FBI hacking charges after claiming to have hours of footage taken from the Epstein mansion told Politicalite that he has never claimed to have the videos, despite MI6 fears.

The former Florida cop told MailOnline in 2019 when asked about what information he has, he said: ‘Do I have dirt on Prince Andrew? I have lots of things.”

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“But I’m not a Kremlin agent and I did not proportion any materials with the Russian Government. I don’t intend to blackmail anyone with my information. It’s against my principles.”

He has, however been given asylum in Russia, but many are now questioning Dougan accusing the former cop of being a fraud.

Days ago, speaking to Politicalite via email Dougan said: “I’ve never claimed to have videos of Prince Andrew.” despite making “enormous amounts of money” of the back of fears he has incriminating videos of high-profile people.

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“I have repeatedly said I’ve never seen anything of the sort from any of the videos that I’ve seen.” he told Politicalite.

Dougan told Politicalite that the files are kept in Sochi and files are encrypted and invited us to Moscow to view the more than 740 files he claims to have, Politicalite however, will not be taking thorough Fake Dougan up on his offer, given the criminal implications of Dougan’s actions.

The codes to open them are held by friends all over the world ‘as an insurance policy’.” Dougan told MailOnline.

“The Epstein files will stay obtain and unreadable to everyone, he said. ‘I do not have a physical copy in my immediate possession, because of security reasons.” he told MailOnline.

A video that Dougan claimed to exclusively keep up and of which he had promoted as a factual piece of evidence allegedly contained what some believed presented Steve Burke, the President of Comcast Corporation and Chairman of NBCUniversal, allegedly engaging in sexual acts with an Epstein victim.

He told Politicalite he believed the man in the video image leaks to be Steve Burke after the so-called leak.

“I do. And so do others in the journalism industry.” said Dougan.

“In fact, I had never heard of the man until a journalist that knew who he was pointed him out to me.” he additional.

The stills leaked by Dougan and picked up and heavily promoted by Kirby Sommers, who claims to represent the survivors of Sexual Abuse were exposed as fakes from pornographic videos that have been obtainable on adult websites for some time, despite their initial claims that it originated from CCTV footage taken inside Epstein’s home.

Politicalite retracted the claims and issued an apology to Burke for the claims.

When questioned on the videos appearing on porn websites, Dougan told Politicalite: The videos I have never left my possession, so if they are somewhere else, Recarey gave someone else a copy.”

“I have heard rumors that someone at the Sheriff’s office might have had them but I thought it was just bullcrap.”

“But I suppose it’s possible. Lots of shady things go in with evidence. The sheriff himself was caught stealing guns from the evidence room.”

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