Three Rules I Used To Make $1,261,978

#1: Never Buy Or Call Generic Leads

Seems pretty self apparent, but let me tell you briefly why this is important by sharing an experience I had…

Not too long ago I was checking out websites on the net and opted into a few mailing lists.

This time must have been special because the next 3 days I got about 20 calls from people who couldn’t tell me where they got my name, but they ALL somehow knew I was someone interested in starting a business (because I happened across some page and opted in).

The first associate calls were nostalgic and reminded me of the drudgery I once endured, but the 20th call was more than a little bothersome.

Each person that “bought” me as a rule paid the same price, didn’t know what I was really interested in doing, and had to deal with 19 other people calling me trying to get me to buy some website or scheme.

If you’re buying leads all your doing is making life harder for yourself because you’re basically paying to create competition for you, who, if they’re selling hot air, will quickly shade the mind of your prospect in a not so positive light towards anyone calling them about anything opportunity related.

All you’re doing is making things tougher for yourself when you do this. So don’t.

That brings up the next point…

#2: Get Your Own Leads

Another short story to illustrate why:

Literally 2 minutes after I generated my first rule, up popped my first new recruit along with it.

I was away at work when it happened, but when I checked the time lag between the notification emails for new leads and new sign ups for my company the lag was less than 2 minutes – that’s how I knew.

There I was, after before having bought thousands of dollars of worthless leads and spent countless hours getting rejected by them – spending $40 on a cheap ad and having people auto recruit themselves into my business.

I’m not a fast learner all the time, but I picked up on this one pretty quick.

Knowing that I now had a choice between burning my money on generic leads like the rest of world and wasting time calling them or getting my own and… knowing the results of that, I’m choosing option #2 every time.

But here’s why it’s so much more powerful to get your own leads.

You’re the only one that has access to them, so competition is zilch, they have expressed interest in exactly what you had to offer, so you know they’re not generic. MOST important, you control the interactions with them thereafter.

Some may join on the identify, but now either following up via email or on the phone with these NON generic leads in a competition vacuum you’ll pull in already more results over time.

Now I can’t proportion everything right now, but I’ll proportion one more important lesson I’ve learned and succeed by…

#3: Make Money Now No Matter What

In network marketing and the home business arena we’re always taught to build the organization to create a long term annuity and to retail our company’s product or service to earn the everyday bread and butter money that keeps our business afloat and moving forward.

In a information… IMPORTANT!

There are economic concerns involved with every business no matter if it’s in the home business arena or not, and this one is of the utmost importance.

Here’s why…

When you’re starting out money is always going to be more scarce a commodity than it is once you have some momentum going. It’s extremely important, at the beginning, that for every dollar you use you do anything and everything in your strength to put it back in your pocket as soon as possible.

What causes most network marketers to fail early on is running out of cash before their business can pay for itself. If you’re new your immediate and most important concern MUST be to earn your investment back as soon as possible. The quicker you can do this AND provide an method for your team members to do the same the faster and the larger your organization will grow. It’s as simple as that.

The problem is online it’s tough as heck to retail your company’s product or service for several reasons that I could go on and on for a day about, but…

The BIGGEST thing I’ve learned is there’s a better and already more effective way to earn your starting investment back.

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