Top 3 Ways To Be Invisible to Mosquitoes

Top 3 Ways To Be Invisible to Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a nuisance! How can you be invisible to mosquitoes so they no longer bite you? Nobody wants the itchy, swollen bumps caused by skeeters so how can you be sure that mosquitoes cant see you?

There are several things to do to make yourself invisible to mosquitoes. First of all, if possible, avoid going outside when mosquitoes are common. Early morning and around dusk are the favorite times for these blood suckers to go hunting for food. If you are not outside during those times, you will definitely be invisible to mosquitoes! But that isnt always an option to avoid outside.

Another tact to be invisible to mosquitoes is to make sure you use light colored clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark objects as they see darker blobs as possible prey. If you use light colored clothing, you are not as visible and they cant see you. Wearing dark clothes is like a neon sign saying Im here to be eaten! Who knew what you wore could make such a difference!

The easiest option is to disguise your human scent with something natural. A mosquito is pushed by the smell of your exhaled breath. Yep, that is right, a mosquito loves to smell your breath. Creatures with breath like yours are the perfect meal for a mosquito. A mosquito will not be able to smell your breath due to the natural scent which will make you invisible to mosquitoes.

How do you choose the right scent? Any natural smells from character would work but it depends on how far you are willing to go. Wearing Predator Pee (there is such a thing!) will make you invisible to mosquitoes but also make you lose all your friends! Native Americans used to rub evergreen tree branches on their skin to disguise their scent.

On the other end of the spectrum, think about pleasant natural aromas – like your Grandmothers Cedar Chest! Cedar is the perfect option to make these blood suckers avoid you. If you spray yourself with a safe, natural product made with cedar as the active ingredient, you will become invisible to mosquitoes.

Recap on how to be invisible to mosquitoes:
• 1). Avoid being outside when they are most active.
• 2). use light colored clothing so as not to attract mosquitoes.
• 3). Apply a natural pest control product made with Cedar as the active ingredient.

Now you can be invisible to mosquitoes!

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