Top 6 Companies Using Node.js

Node.js is a JavaScript ecosystem that is perfect for real-time applications. It allows the development of fast and scalable applications so this is no surprise that lots of companies use it.

Business leaders forecast that Node.js will be one of the tech trends in 2021. About 67% of respondents agreed that JavaScript is going to be the most popular technology for programming and Node.js has all method to be the first among other tools.

So, let’s take a look at the most famous companies that are using Node.js for their benefits and how it helps them.


The largest streaming and video content provider with around 209 million subscribers uses Node.js which makes the service already more responsive. Node.js technology decreased the startup time by 70% and now it takes no more than a second to load the Netflix interface.

Node.js also helped Netflix with integrating microservices. And, since this ecosystem is perfect for real-time and scalable solutions, it could be the reason why Netflix is capable of performing so well in any circumstances.


NASA turned to Node.js after an accident with one of their astronauts having water leaking to his helmet due to the system malfunction. It happened in 2013 and till 2021 NASA continues to use Node.js for easier access to the information allowing to reach the needed data in seconds.

Here are some more reasons why NASA uses Node.js:

  1. Ease of developing data move applications. Due to high compatibility, JavaScript applications can be developed quicker and easier. This both cuts costs and time resources spent on the development.
  2. Node.js allows each API, function, and application to function smoothly and independently. With this, legacy database systems work in synergy while the data is uploaded to the cloud.
  3. It considerably simplified the work with databases. Now it takes seven steps instead of 28.
  4. The system now is faster. Access time is decreased by 300% which allows users to reach the needed data in just a few seconds.


A functional tool for project management that has around 50 million users also uses the Node.js solution. They implemented it into their server-side for real-time updates that this tool requires. Since Trello has to have multiple real-time connections on the server (to provide real-time updates), Node.js is the perfect fit for them.

It ensures that updates come smoothly and with zero latency. It also helped the company to cut the budget on the development and prototyping, in addition as provide them with a lightweight Single Page Application.


The world’s biggest social media platform for employment networking that has around 470 million users around the world also transferred to Node.js. It made their application ten times faster and more responsive. Since the complete architecture of the app is built on JavaScript, client-server interactions are now simpler.

Node.js also improved the traffic capacity of LinkedIn by doubling it. This was possible because the number of servers has been cut from 30 to three.


Uber is presented in 68 countries in the world and the number of its users grows with each month. The company has a regularly growing number of connections which is why they need a real-time architecture. And this is when Node.js comes to the rescue!

Node.js helped Uber course of action data and requests quicker. Considering how much data Uber obtains and how many requests it gets over one minute, this improvement considerably changes the company’s work speed. Now, with Node.js Uber can course of action up to 14 million rides every day.


It’s not a secret that most users read tweets from their smartphones. To be exact, about 80% of users access Twitter by a mobile device and this is why the company produced Twitter Lite that needs minimum resources and can work already when the user’s internet connection is poor. They use Node.js not only for the mobile version but also for a website Twitter, to help it function in poor internet connection conditions in addition.
So, now the app is able to run already on 3G or 2G connections, and maintenance costs for Twitter Lite are lower.

What Node.js can do for your business

It’s good to see the successful examples of companies that are considered market leaders but what about smaller businesses? They also can assistance from Node.js and with some time given maybe already compete with the industry leaders.

1. Node.js is easy

This method that there are many specialists who have some knowledge of Node.js. Of course, you need to look for the best of the best, however, the ease of this ecosystem determines the active community life. You won’t be left alone since if your developer doesn’t deliver, it’s not so hard to find a more experienced specialist.

2. Node.js is fast

This reduces the time you have to use on the development and, so, it is cost-effective. It also may be a great help if you want to test your ideas on the market. Node.js allows you to create MVP faster and be one step ahead of competitors.

3. Node.js is scalable

Node.js can manager several concurrent connections which can help with scalability.


If you’re looking for a solution to make your application scalable, responsive, and fast — Node.js is perfect for you. It’s capable of miracles in the hands of high-skilled senior node js developers.

Find yourself a team that understands what you’re looking for and you’ll get the desired results.

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