Treat Sprained Ankle at Home

Treat Sprained Ankle at Home

If you are a victim of sprained ankle and want to retrieve it at home, then the best possible method would be for you to apply the RICE method that stands for Rest Ice-based treatment Compression and Elevation. This popular method of sprained ankle treatment is practiced worldwide and is proven as effective. However, though the method is well known, but the wisest thing before going to start this rehabilitation method is to consult with your physician in order to know what level of rest, ice, compression and elevation you need.

Rest is thought as the most effective treatment for recovering sprained ankles. Medical studies suggest that if the sprained part of the foot is kept in rest for a certain period of time, it helps the disjoined ligaments and broken bones to get joined very quickly. But, many people are seen to be doubtful whether they should take rest uninterruptedly or with certain other activities like messaging. However, it depends exclusively on the level of your injury whether it would suite uninterrupted rest for you or interrupted. So, the wisest thing for you is to get to your physician. But, when you are taking rest, make sure to use crutches if necessary.

Ice is another very important and effective treatment material for sprained ankles. If you get a sprained ankle and use ice in the injured area within the first hour of your injury, you levels of pain and swelling ids supposed to be very low. It helps your injury to retrieve soon too. Medical studies have found that if ice can be used properly in time, the possibility of your recovery increased by 50%. But, there are some precautious messages on using ice. It is suggested that ice should not be used directly on the skin. Instead, using towels and napkins can be useful.

Compression is another important phase for this treatment of sprained ankle. Compression method using elastic wraps or any other kinds of supports to quicken the recovery course of action. But, never use wraps that are not prescribed by your physician. Make sure to get suggestions from your physician. however, never tie the wrap too firmly.

Elevation refers to elevating the injured ankle so that the excessive flow of blood does not reach to your swollen ankle. It helps your injured ankle to retrieve soon. Doctors suggest using special chairs and pillows for the elevation purposes. It helps greatly in eliminating your pain and swelling.

Finally, home based treatment for sprained ankle recovery is safe and works better. It helps you to get quick recovery in addition.

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