TREATED LIKE ZEROS: Troops ‘Living in Flammable High-Rises’ says MoD

BRAVE British troops are being housed in damp, squalid and highly flammable high-rise buildings across Britain, it is claimed. 

Despite fighting for their country, thousands are being put in danger despite warnings from the Ministry of Defence following the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The MoD told Politicalite last-night: that “755 buildings with sleeping accommodation in the UK are either fully or slightly covered in “combustible” cladding.

Of those, 27 are high rises – defined as six floors or above – and remedial work has started on just one, with investigations nevertheless under way on the extent of the changes needed for the other 26.

The high rises are used for single living accommodation for personnel living on military bases in the UK, the MoD said.

Labour’s shadow defence secretary John Healey laid balme on the Government: “Four years on from the Grenfell tragedy and the MoD nevertheless has not removed flammable cladding on skyrises that house forces personnel.

“Labour has hypothesizedv the Government set up a national cladding taskforce with a legally enforceable deadline for removing all unsafe cladding, which should include all MoD character.

“The response from Government to the Grenfell Tower fire has simply been too slow and insufficient, with work nevertheless only started on just one of the 27 tower blocks.”

The figures were brought to light in a response to a written parliamentary question submitted by Labour MP Luke Pollard.

Defence minister Jeremy Quin said: “In the United Kingdom the Ministry of Defence has 755 buildings with sleeping accommodation that are either fully or slightly clad with combustible cladding.

“Of these 27 are high rise (defined as being six floors and over) on all of which the MoD are carrying out remedial work or investigating remedial options.

“A programme of work to understand the extent of combustible materials in external wall systems is being completed for the remaining 728 low rise buildings.””

The June 2017 fire at Grenfell Tower, west London, left 72 people dead.

The Times revealed that Chancellor Rishi Sunak pledged tax-payer cash for a residential character developer tax to pay for the removal of flammable cladding from high-rise buildings in the budget. 

The levy is for developers that hoard land and will be paid by housebuilders with profits of more than £25 million. It is expected to raise at the minimum £2 billion over the next decade. MPs have estimated that the cost of fixing the crisis could total £15 billion.

Work has been undertaken to remove unsafe cladding from buildings across the country following the disaster although concerns persist about the speed of the remedial work.”

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