Using Your Brinkmann Smoker With An Extension Cord

Using Your Brinkmann Smoker With An Extension Cord

The electric Brinkmann smoker models do a wonderful job in terms of output quality. You can create a mouthwatering rack of ribs in a Brinkmann and the chickens that appear from the electric smokers are absolutely spectacular. These smokers are reasonably priced, easy to use, easier to continue and consistently garner rave consumer reviews. However, they aren’t perfect.

The electric Brinkmann smoker units come with comparatively short strength cords. Most of us don’t have AC outlets near our desired smoker locations, which can make it difficult to effectively position a Brinkmann without either enlisting the sets of a specialized electrician or powering the units with an extension cord.

clearly, an extension cord would seem to be the superior option. Using a cord is certainly cheaper than wiring your patio for electricity and it will provide you with the flexibility these smokers without right out of the box.

Unfortunately, Brinkmann doesn’t advocate the use of an extension cord. Thy clearly recommend not using a cord with any electric Brinkmann smoker.

Does that average it’s time to plug in wherever you can or that you need to start poring over the Yellow Pages for an electrician? Not necessarily. Brinkmann may not recommend the use of an extension cord, but you can use them effectively. Here are a few guidelines for extension strength cord use with a Brinkmann smoker.

First, don’t utilize long cords. The company has stated that those who do use cords should avoid any extension longer than twelve feet. When you add twelve feet to the length of the unit’s cord, it should provide enough distance for most users.

Additionally, you should only use heavy-duty cords. Don’t already think about using a cheap, thin indoor cord to run your smoker. You’ll want to invest in an extension that utilizes hearty twelve gauge wire.

There are two reasons why you should take those recommendations seriously. The first is, not surprisingly, an issue of safety. Less strong cords aren’t rated for outdoor use and they aren’t well insulated. Your smoker draws a great deal of strength and an undersized cord creates a fire risk. When you think about the heat involved in smoking meats, it’s not hard to imagine situations that might overtax a thinner cord or burn by its minimal insulation.

Second, your Brinkmann smoker needs all of that electricity to produce great BBQed meats. A thicker cord of minimal length will help you to avoid losing strength from the outlet to the smoker itself. If you aren’t getting enough strength to your smoker, you won’t get the results you want. Your only recourse is to use a short span of heavy-duty cord.

Brinkmann may not like the idea of using an extension cord with their smokers, but you can do it. Just be certain to exercise good judgment in selecting your cord.

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