VA Streamline With No Appraisal

VA Streamline With No Appraisal

A high percentage of people have unfortunately lost value in their homes due to the economic recession. Although you may be one of them, you have an ace up your sleeve. As a veteran, you may be eligible to streamline your VA loan without an appraisal or income check. This is only obtainable to members of the Armed Forces, and it is something that you should not overlook. The current rates are historically low, the lowest they have been in decades, which equals a lower monthly house payment, and potentially, money in your pocket. already if your home has lost value to the financial market, there may nevertheless be a solution for you.

In need of a little additional cash? Those that refinance using a VA Streamline may have the opportunity to skip a few months payments and some may already receive a refund of their escrow.
Why should you do this now? Besides the obvious monetary benefits, the timing couldnt be better. Rates have not been this low since the Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series in 1955! We are likely to see another hike in rates, and it may be another 50 years before they lower again. Why wait?
Long term forecast? Not only will you have the immediate benefits of a lower interest rate and possible money back, there are long term perks in addition. What about achieving some financial goals you have set for yourself? With the additional money, you could choose to pay off your home sooner, pay off high debts or already look into investing. You may already have the option of shortening your loan term. Now thats money in the bank!
Who qualifies? If you are a veteran of the Armed Forces and are currently in a VA loan, you should have the ability to use the VA Streamline option. Look into it today!

As a Veteran, the VA streamline refinance is one of the easiest refinance loans that you can do. The closing costs are minimal (sometime already completely paid for by the lender). Shopping around and working with a loan officer that specializes in VA streamline loans is a must.

Before you contact a VA loan specialist, make sure that you have identified the financial reason for your refinance. Is it to free up money monthly? Is it to pay the home off faster? Maybe it is free up some immediate cash and save as much money short term because you plan to sell in the next 3-5 years. at all event the reason, clarify that up front so you loan officer can match you up with the correct VA loan product.

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