Vedic Astrology Natal Chart – How Do They Help?

Vedic Astrology Natal Chart – How Do They Help?

Astrology is a very old and ancient metascience of the world, used as a tool of divination to predict the future, to make forecasts and to know what fortune has in store for an individual or a race or a nation. Different branches of astrology were practiced in different countries, though the basic essence remained the same.

In ancient India, notably in the Indus valley civilization, there arose a branch of astrology known as Jyotish Vidya which underwent several modifications later on, during the Vedic age.

From then on, this Jyotish Vidya or Vedic astrology has become the formal representative of the Indian system of astrology. This branch of astrology is at the minimum 5000 years old and is more definite, accurate, precise and careful and consequently more correct than the western branch of astrology, common in Europe and America.

A Vedic Astrology Natal Chart basically is your birth chart – the oriental style of the occidental branch. Vedic Astrology Natal Chart is also known as janma kundali or janam kundli. It is calculated and prepared on the basis of an individual’s date of birth, exact time of birth including the exact second of birth, the astrological locaiongs of stars, planets and other celestial bodies during that individual’s moment of birth and so on.

A Vedic Astrology Natal Chart is very useful for getting a character sketch of a person, to know an individual’s psychological traits, to acquire an insight into his/her character/character portrait and to predict that individual’s destiny or fortune. It discloses your sun sign that gives a general picture of your personality. It also discloses your rising sign or ascendant sign that is important for knowing your shallow personality makeup.

You will get to know your moon sign from your Vedic Astrology Natal Chart that will throw light on your emotional and intuitive character and the innermost chief of your character – the side that you typically hide from the world. You will also know which ‘gana’ you belong to – debgana or naragana or debarigana.

The birth chart, in this case, looks like a wagon wheel that has been divided into 12 parts or houses and several sub parts within them. These parts have these different signs, stars and planets drawn in them. This diagram represents the different locaiongs, sensitive angles and astrological aspects of the moon, sun, rahu, ketu and other heavenly bodies, required for making predictions.

In fact, an accurate Vedic Astrology Natal Chart can show almost all aspects of your character and by its help you can get to know your future regarding relationships, career, overseas job opportunity, success, wealth, health, inheritance of fortune, accidents or untoward mishaps and everything else you want to know.

This is why Vedic Astrology Natal Charts are in high need and Vedic astrology birth chart compatibility is widely calculated during Indian arranged marriages. In fact, the whole Hindu arranged marriage system common in India would fall apart in the absence of the bride and groom’s Vedic Astrology Natal Chart or birth charts.

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