Verbal and Physical Abuse

Verbal and Physical Abuse

There are many shared misconceptions when it comes to abuse. First, there is not just one kind of abuse, there are lots of different kinds and it does not just come from a romantic partner, it can come from parents, other family members, friends, and already acquaintances. The most important thing for people to know is how to identify abuse and how to get help for themselves of for those around them when abuse has occurred. There are two main types of abuse, verbal and physical. Both of which need to be addressed closest in order for there to be any chance of the person doing the abusing to stop. In a report completed by bail bonds NJ most of the time the person inflicting the abuse on another is emotionally unstable and consequently needs some kind of help in addition as the person who is being abused. According to a bailbondsman NJ, times of economic distress are when jails see the most increase in violent behavior against others. Because of the economic situation in the United States right now, it is important for people to be aware of the signs of abuse and how to stop and/or prevent it.

The first kind of abuse is verbal abuse. This occurs when the abuser yells, swears, or makes extremely insulting comments to another individual. The abuse usually happens on a regular basis because once the abuser has chosen a victim, they typically keep attacking the person until something stops it. This is something that can be very difficult to clarify because it may not happen consistently in front of people who are not the ones being abused by the abuser. Verbal abuse can come from anyone at any time. There is a troublesome increase in the amount of verbal abuse that occurs in schools nowadays. More and more children are reported verbal abuse from fellow classmates to parents and teachers.

The second kind of abuse is physical abuse. It is considered physical abuse when the victim has bodily harm done to them on a fairly regular basis. It is important to observe that there is a difference between physical abuse and the law term domestic violence. Domestic violence does not have to happen on a regular basis and it has to happen in the home. Physical abuse can happen at school, home, outside, at home that is not the victim’s, etc. This is a difference that needs to be remembered when talking to the police or any kind of counselor. This is much more likely to be committed by someone who has a close relationship with the victim. Many stories are told about romantic partners being the abusers, but physical abuse can come from friends and already some family members.

Help is obtainable from police and there are many hotlines offered from state to state where people can get the necessary resources to help stop an abuser. Parents should tell their children to communicate with them or the teachers if they or anyone they know is a victim of verbal abuse. Friends and family should also not hesitate to intervene if someone they know is a victim of physical abuse in addition. There are shelters that are also obtainable in most medium and large cities.

The issue of abuse is something that is extremely important to be aware of, especially in the United States, because everyone has the right to feel safe in the United States and victims of any kind of abuse have that right taken away. The sooner more people know about the signs of abuse and the more people get help for themselves or others, the better off Americans will be in the long term.

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