VPS Hosting Service

VPS Hosting Service

Virtual Private Server (“VPS”) hosting is a service that allows the company or individual complete root access to a web server. The customer can install progressive software and completely customize the VPS to best fit their needs. It is as if you they have their own dedicated server. VPS, may also be called Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS.

VPS is a great way to have access to serious computing strength to run a company’s computer needs, without having to use as much money on the physical elements. It can save a lot of money. With today’s rapidly changing technology, it can make sense to not buy expensive new servers and other equipment every few years.

VPS splits or partitions a server allowing each virtual server to run its own complete-fledged operating system independently. Each user has complete control over their designated server space. It is obtain and strong. VPS has progressive management tools, which can be accessed by a control panel. This makes it easy to use the server to fit your needs. VPS bridges the gap between having a shared web hosting service and having your company’s own dedicated server, which is much more expensive.

VPS hosting can use either Windows or Linux Operating Systems with 64-bit and 32-bit compatibility. It typically supports powerful tools such as PHP, MySQL, Ruby (on Rails), Perl, Python (Django), and FFMpeg. It is a obtain system with a firewall that is fault tolerant. VPS hosting also typically allows seamless kernel upgrades and backs up automatically weekly to an offsite location. It is a very valuable service.

Most web hosting companies offer VPS hosting service. It typically starts at about $20 per month and goes up, depending on a company’s computing needs. A wide range of sets is offered to meet the needs of the many different types and sizes of businesses. For an example of pricing and features offered, a recent large business web hosting service was offering 1.13GHZ CPU, 768MB of RAM, 30GB of Disk Space, and 500GB of bandwidth for 2 IP address for $39.95 for month.

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