Web Page Promotion: Do You Understand The Important Difference Between…

To really understand the importance of web page promotion the first thing you need to understand is that Google and the other search engines index in their database and return in their search results web pages.

Please notice I said ‘Web Pages’ not ‘Websites.’

This is important to understand as you can optimize each page of your website to get a better ranking in the search engines. While you do want to promote your website as a whole, proper web page promotion dictates that you also want to focus each individual page on your site to one specific keyword phrase.

To understand better the importance of web page promotion let’s see how it would assistance some who just wants to get a website up and work a little to make some additional cash.

According to Google AdWords the keyword phrase “How To aim A Puppy” has a 150,000 plus searches in the united States with 225,000 plus searches worldwide. In my opinion this makes this keyword phrase a very competitive one.

Now go search for that keyword phrase, without quotation marks as most people do a search, and look at the first two pages of results returned from that search. You’ll see that most of the results are web pages on a website in the form of ‘domainname.com/webpage’ and not just ‘domainname.com’ which would be a website itself. Understand the difference?

This is why long tail keywords are such a focus for use in web page promotion for the individual person looking to set up a website and make some money online. They can’t really compete using the keyword phrase ‘Dog Training’ but with a less competitive phrase such as ‘How To Crate aim A Dog’ they have a much better chance at getting ranked high enough in the search engines that they will get some traffic from them.

Now ideally you’d like the keyword phrase in the domain name but you can’t provide to buy a hundred domains and pay for hosting in addition but you can take the individual pages of your website and optimize each of them to a specific keyword phrase. This is much more affordable and also gives you a website with a lot of content to make it ‘sticky’ meaning that people stay and browse your website for a few minutes, plus a lot of content typically method a lot of pages on your website.

Both of these are factors that the search engines use when giving value, and that method ranking, to your website and your web pages.

This is one of the reasons why a blog is such a popular kind of website as it is ready made for good, individual web page promotion as each time you make a blog post it automatically creates a specific page for that particular post and you can learn how to easily optimize each page for the search engines.

So remember that properly using web page promotional techniques gives the little guy, or girl, a chance against the bigger players already established on the Internet.

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