What Are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

What Are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

Like any hobby or piece of DIY we embark on in our spare time, we need to feel we’re benefiting to truly get on and do it. Building a discarded will give you abundant outdoor storage, building a house extension will raise the value of your house and give you more space and doing your front garden up will make your house look much nicer. What about solar strength?

Solar strength is strange, you feel it should come with a catch – you’re saving money – sometimes earning it by feeding excess electricity into the national grid and you don’t have to feel guilty about wasting too much electricity which is afterward killing the planet with traditional methods.

In the back of your mind, you’re thinking of electricity bill when you stick your dryer, dishwasher or heating on. It can be a real drag mentally, especially in this current climate where every cent counts. It’d be so nice to not have to think about it at all and have a clear mind at night whilst your house is heated by free electricity.

Electricity bills can really take over your life (and your paycheck!), especially in bigger households with large families. The kids are on the games consoles on the 42″ plasma TV with the surround sound on – how much strength are those three huge electronic items draining just for one person? Would they play in the dark or the cold? Probably not, which is why the lights and heating are also on, plus you can’t forget their PC running to itself in the background.

It’s amazing how much a family of just 4 or 5 can use up, already couples or bachelors can use way more electricity than they realize.

Electricity bills aren’t falling any time soon, unlike our paychecks and job vacancies. In these hard financial times we all need ways to save cash, and solar panels is one of those ways.

In 2008 the average west coast American home consumed 900 kWh of electric every month. consequently a small 3 kWh system with an output of 432 kWh a month would save almost half their monthly bill. In 2008 the average bill for a west coast home was $108, meaning a saving of 50 dollars a month or in the long run: $600 a year!

For a small 3 kWh system, that’s a big saving! If a 6 kWh system was installed, the bills would likely be $96 a year compared to $1296 a year! Remember solar strength differs throughout the year, in the summer months it’s likely you could earn money from your electric company, in winter the savings would nevertheless be there, but not as much.

Winter is a fantastic time to get your solar panels installed and working, that way you’re getting the complete advantage of those spring and summer sunshine months that will soon be heading your way!

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