What Information Should I Be Putting On My Mobile Website?

What Information Should I Be Putting On My Mobile Website?

Over the last few years, the mobile phone or smart phone as it is sometimes known as, has become an basic tool in our everyday lives. Amongst other things, we are increasingly using a mobile phone to surf the Internet and view websites. Businesses are little by little beginning to understand the importance of a mobile optimized website, but the challenge is what content to put on it so that it effectively serves its purpose.

The typical user who browses the internet with a mobile phone, is one who is on the go, ideally searching for some specific product or service in the neighbourhood. Recently, Google did a survey and found that 95% of mobile phone users have searched for local information. Of those who did, 59% visited the physical location of the companies they searched for and 61% truly called the business.

So if you own a mobile website, what kind of information and content should appear on the site?

1) The information shown should be fleeting, concise and to the point. Descriptions of products or sets should not go beyond a sentence. The images should be small in size (preferably less than 20kb), making them easy to load. Flash or other animation that will take long to load, should be completely avoided.

2) The website should be easy to navigate. Use icons, bands or buttons instead of text links. They should be large enough to be “thumb friendly”. Only have the basic content showing, e.g. telephone, map, hours of business, address, contact us, menu, sets, and maybe some images.

3) If you have a blog on your main website and want to link it to your mobile website, just characterize a one use summary of each post instead of the whole article. Include a “read more” link at the end of each post. Remember, the visitor who is visiting your website from a mobile phone, does not have the time or inclination to use more resources on your site than is necessary.

4) The mobile website visitor may be on your site very briefly, albeit for a particular reason. consequently, you need to include a “call to action” throughout your website that prompts the visitor for more interaction with your business. This way you have captured the visitor’s attention and commitment to your business.

A mobile website is an extremely important tool for your business. It should be viewed with the same importance as your desktop website. It must contain basic information for viewers on the go. Within a few years the importance, popularity and need of a mobile website will surpass its desktop style.

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