What is a VLT Lounge?

A VLT lounge or Video lottery terminal is an electronic gaming machine that offers gamblers a chance to win by playing a video game. obtainable in bars and lounges besides casinos, they are coin operated with a variety of games of chance where players bet on the games and win. Like slot machines, VLTs are individual devices with terminals that have a random number generator and are connected to a central computer system from where the game is observed. The devices are featured in licensed centres where minors are not allowed. The winnings can be cashed out by generating a payout slip that can then be redeemed for cash.

A fleeting history

The first VLT lounge was introduced in the early 1990s and by 2005 almost all provinces made them legal thanks to their popularity and revenue generated. Unlike other places, Canadian Video lottery payouts are high. This is managed by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and regulated by the Gaming and Liquor Act which ensures that the games are fair, honest and due benefits are enjoyed by the players. Around 6000 VLTs are managed by the AGLC in specific liquor-licensed centres. Each retailer can characterize up to ten terminals while entertainment centres can have 15 to 25.

In 2012, the technology was upgraded and the old devices were replaced with new ones that have touch screens, LCD buttons and new games and other useful features. The revenue from these go to the Alberta Lottery Fund and used to sustain a number of community based initiatives such as health and wellness, education, recreation and cultural programs in the province.

How the VLT lounge payout works

All VLTs and slots in Alberta have a programmed payout of 93%. The percentage is verified by an independent body and tracked by the AGLC to ensure fair gaming and adherence to rules. The percentage itself depends on total credits won which are divided by the total credits wagered by a player. How much is truly cashed out is decided by taking into account player behaviour, the theme of the game and the denominations of play. It only costs 25 cents to play, and several games can be played in quick series. While playing it is important to be careful about whether you are playing for 1000 coins or $ 1000 since some machines show you the jackpot in number of coins while some show the dollar amount.

Players usually reinvest their winnings to continue playing as they have a chance to earn more this way. The lottery winnings are not taxable for Canadian tax purposes and this makes the activity already more attractive. However, responsible usage of video lottery terminals is promoted to avoid addiction.

The VLT Lounge is a major allurement for guests in quality hotels such as the Yellowhead Inn, Alberta, which features a top-class facility and offers a variety of games for guests to enjoy. They provide tired travellers a great way to unwind and relax while trying their luck on a fun activity where their chances are winning are high. While some of the games are chance-based, the others are similar to slot machines and winners are chosen by random number generators, while in addition others offer poker.

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