What Is Prepaid Electricity in Texas for Residence and Business Consum…

What Is Prepaid Electricity in Texas for Residence and Business Consum…

Prepaid Texas Electricity product offerings are becoming a great electric product for low end in addition as high end consumers and businesses in Texas. Due to ease of service, customer requirements, and product offerings, when making a utility choice, one should take into consideration the new prepaid products in the marketplace.

Prepaid electricity, prepaid electric, and prepaid strength does not discriminate. A lot of times a customer has a past due balance with a past company, has no credit, or has been quoted a large or unsatisfactory place to commence service. With a prepaid provider none of these issues are a problem and prepaid electricity solves all of these issues.

Prepaid electricity is fast, easy, and efficient. Customers are usually turned on in 1 to 3 days. There are no questions asked. A customer simple gives a REP or Retail Electric Provider a name, address, and optional phone number or email address. Once the service order is sent to market a customer is usually contacted by the service provider with a due date for service to start or the consumer can call the provider to receive the start up date and time information.

Prepaid Electric Providers cater to customers rare needs. Often times Retail Electric Providers that cater to prepaid customers have specialized call centers to help the customer. Often times there are more call center representatives in the company to serve the prepaid electric needs of the customers. Typically there is 1 call center representative for every 500 to 750 customers.

There are many ways to receive information about your electricity service. If you give your cellphone number to your provider they can send you optional balance information in addition as suspend, restore, and disconnect information in real time to your phone. A paper statement or disconnect notice can be provided, sometimes upon request.

Often times select prepaid electric, electricity, and strength providers have great rates. Many prepaid Retail Electric Providers rates are either the same rate or very close to the same rate as postpaid providers for customers with little or no credit or negative credit.

Prepaid electricity is becoming attractive for customers with good credit in addition as no credit customers. Individuals in addition as businesses with great credit can choose to pay in improvement, avoid a long term contract, avoid credit checks, save time, and get a reduced rate per kwh for paying in improvement. Also, by electing to enroll on the internet in addition as receive an electronic statement, further savings can be realized. Customers and businesses with great credit can receive a “buyers club” or “wholesale price” for simply agreeing to pay in improvement. Paying automatically each month by auto draft of checking account, credit card, or debit card can increase the savings in addition. Optional email monitoring and energy buying recommendations can be sent to the consumer or business as alerts giving renewal options based on market indicators such as NYMEX natural gas prices.

Retail Electric Providers catering to prepaid electricity and electric strength offers often times have extended hours. Most Retail Electric Providers are open well into the evening. Also, on weekends and holidays the prepaid providers often times have extended hours.

Thee are two main methods in which prepaid electricity and strength is billed is greatly different than postpaid electricity. One option is estimated once a month billing and payment, the other is a real time usage based product that can be paid daily, weekly, or monthly.

Consumers will receive a monthly estimated amount to pay to get service established based on the address of the location in addition as the last 12 months historical usage of the dwelling. Weather factors in addition as square footage and dwelling kind are often factors in calculating the startup amounts. The monthly estimated amount billed to the consumer is based on dwelling information. Once the Retail Electric Provider receives actual meter read data from the Transmission dispensing Service Provider, or TDSP, a true up credit or debit amount will appear on the consumer’s bill as an adjustment on an estimated prepaid product and will be reflected on the monthly paper statement.

If the consumer or business has a smart meter and prefers to elect a real time prepaid product instead of a once a month billed estimated product, then a Texas PUC 25.498 prepaid electricity product can be chosen. This product works similar to a prepaid calling card. A customer or business will pay in improvement for electricity. Once the kwh usage is received, typically once every 15 minutes by the Retail Electric Provider, a real time true up or deduction will be debited from the customers prepaid balance on their account. When the balance is getting low a text message, email, or already outbound recorded or live call will be made to the consumer or business advising them to make a prepayment in order to avoid disconnection of electricity. However, if no payment is made service is suspended or disconnected in real time once the balance reaches zero or a minimum amount established by the Retail Electric Provider.

For apartment residences, apartment managers, and apartment leasing agents, prepaid electricity products can solve many problems. If there are any red tag issues with the TDSP, prepaid electricity removes the tagging issue almost closest when the service order is sent to market. Leasing agents are happy as often times commissions and quotas are met based on occupancy rates. Due to the fact that 100 percent of customers wanting to establish service are approved, occupancy rates enhance as getting strength established in the residence’s name is no longer an issue.

Many Retail Electric Providers specializing in prepaid electricity have master agency, agency and referral programs for sending business to the providers. There are many ways to make part time or already complete time income. Check with different providers to see if they offer an indirect sales or referral program program.

Most major cities that are deregulated in Texas have prepaid offers. Fort Worth, Arlington, Houston, Dallas, Corpus Christi, El Paso, in addition as many other major cities in Texas offer prepaid products. Often times you can find providers advertising in penny shoppers, yellow pages, online, in addition as television, radio, door to door sales teams, and mailer post card advertisements.

In closing, the market for strength has changed. Individuals or companies should consider prepaid electricity as a great different to postpaid to save time, headache, and hassle. Check with the many prepaid providers now offering programs in Texas.

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