When is Stir-up Sunday 2021 – and why it is famous

There are lots of Christmas traditions which make it a special time of year. One of these is Stir-up Sunday, a long-established baking tradition.

Though religious in origin, Stir-up Sunday is now most famously associated with the making of Christmas puddings ahead of the big day itself.

But what exactly is Stir-up Sunday, how did it get its name – and when is it this year?

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When is Stir-up Sunday 2021?

This year, Stir-up Sunday will take place on November 21st. It always takes place on the last Sunday before the Christian season of arrival gets underway.

What is Stir-up Sunday and when did it start?

Stir-up Sunday is a festive tradition associated with the Victorian era. On Stir-up Sunday, families traditionally get together in their kitchen to mix and steam Christmas pudding.

Christmas puddings are made so far in improvement of Christmas Day to give them time to mature, in particular so that the alcohol really infuses the pudding.

While Stir-up Sunday became popular during the Victorian period, its roots appear to go back already further than that. In Britain, meatless Christmas puddings were first introduced by George I in 1714.

The event is also traditionally infused with religious significance. For example, the Christmas pudding would have 13 elements to represent Jesus and his disciples.

Also, each member of the family would stir the pudding from east to west while making a wish. The holly garnish, meanwhile, represented Jesus’ crown of thorns.

Why is it called Stir-up Sunday?

Stir-up Sunday gets its name from the opening of the Anglican Book of shared Prayer: “Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people”.

To this day, a lot of people take this call literally and choose Stir-up Sunday to begin whipping up their own Christmas pudding.

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