Who is the Dark Angel?

Who is the Dark Angel?

Sometimes in metaphysics you will come across the phrase  dark angel. There are many interpretations of what the dark angel method when it comes to the psychic arts. Some of them are more psychological and other is more cultural.

The most shared interpretation of the dark angel is Lucifer. Lucifer is one of the original favorites of the Archangels in heaven and he fell from grace. basically, he was kicked out of heaven for misbehavior, but got to keep his angel wings.  You often see depictions of Lucifer in angel art. He is one of the foremost players when it comes to the religious angels mentioned in the bible. Of course, if you are a practicing Satanist, you will never be asking your self if Lucifer is angels or devil. The angel falls from heaven myth is absolutely crucial when it comes to studying the pantheons of angels and also drawings of angels. Lucifer is also one of the original natural angels, which is why he so often appears in angel art.

The feminine version of the dark angel of love is Lilith. Lilith is often described a first wife of Adam that is not mentioned in the Bible. As she was not made from mans rib, she became corrupted and was thrown out of the Garden of Eden. She is not mentioned in the Bible, but she is honored among some sects and already feminist sects that see her as the original earth mother. She is one of the amour angels in the sense that she symbolizes seduction.

however another interpretation of the dark angel is as a description of a lover. This could be a karmic relationship that is somehow troublesome or bad for you. The dark angel of love is someone in your life who you cannot stop thinking about or becoming obsessed about. It is the relationship that you are unable to manager or that causes you great grief. If you are a man, this dark angel is no doubt the Lilith in your life.

However, in current times, most of us know the Dark Angel as a television series directed by James Cameron that ran from 2000 to 2002 on Fox television. The Dark Angel character was a genetically enhanced super soldier played by the actress Jessica Alba. She escapes from an oppressive government institution and trains to be an assassin with eleven other genetically enhanced human beings. Originally, this dark angel was supposed to be a film, but James Cameron could not get a film deal to sustain it. It is important culturally as the character paved the way for several more superwoman kind characters.

however another shared meaning of dark angel is the concept that it simply describes the dark side of you that succumbs to temptation. It is your shadow side that insists on not being connected to the light.

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