‘Winword Caused a General Protection Fault’ – information Error and Recovery

‘Winword Caused a General Protection Fault’ – information Error and Recovery

Normal.dot or global template is the basic template that Microsoft information uses each time when you create a document. already if you are using some other template, this global template always remains in use. Normal.dot file often gets corrupted leaving information documents is speculate state. You should restore the documents damaged due to Normal.dot corruption from backup. But in some of the situations, backup is found as not updated, damaged or unavailable. consequently, in such situations, you should use information repair software to examine and repair your damaged information document.

You might receive the similar error message when trying to open a Microsoft information document:

“Winword caused a General Protection Fault in module USER.EXE”

You cannot access such document.


Probable causes for the above error to occur are:

o Normal.dot (Global Template) file is corrupted
o You have installed information in Works Suite add-in program (included with MS Works Suite 2000) and the add-in program in corrupted.

o Installing MS Works Suite 2000 adds some additional functionality to information. There are several new features additional to File Menu, Mail Merge and Wizard.


To solve the above describes issues, you should follow these methods:

o Click Start->Search->All files and folders and kind Normal.dot in All or part of the file name box. Select the Windows installed excursion and click Search.

Rename the Normal.dot file to Oldnormal.dot. Upon restating information, it will recreate a new global template.
o If the issue doesn’t resolve, insert MS the Microsoft Works Suite Disk 1 CD-ROM into the system and press and keep up down SHIFT meaningful while inserting it. Next, remove information in Works Suite add-in program using Add or Remove Programs wizard of Control Panel.
o The existing issue should get resolved by following above steps. But if you find information document(s) as damaged due to Normal.dot corruption, try restoring from backup. In case of backup concerns, you need to use information recovery applications.

information repair tools examine a damaged document using powerful scanning algorithms and restore them. These are non-destructive applications with self-descriptive interface and complete documentation.

Stellar Phoenix information Recovery is an progressive tool to repair and restore Microsoft information documents. It is obtainable with sustain to information 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 and certain powerful information Recovery features. It can restore all objects like hyperlinks, tables, images, drawings, macros and others. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT.

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