Writing Tips – How to include the 5 shared Senses

Writing Tips – How to include the 5 shared Senses

Writing a composition or an essay is like presenting a series of images about what happened to a person who is reading or listening. From reading the composition, the reader should be able to see, hear, taste, smell and feel what you saw, heard, tasted, smelt and felt. Lets say you are writing about being at the beach one hot afternoon, the person reading your composition should be able to see the crowd lying lazily in the sand, feel the hot sand underneath and be able to hear the sound of the ocean groups lapping and the children screaming at each other… pass me the ball, pass me the ball!

Let the reader see whether you are having fun or not and give reasons why this is so. The reader should be able to see images in his minds eyes. When asked to write a composition, relax, have a plan and start writing down your ideas. When you are done, read your composition and check and correct the mistakes you might have made. Hand in your composition and have the opportunity to celebrate by buying yourself some candy, chocolate, lollipop or just think about it as time well spent on something you really enjoyed doing.

A good composition should allurement to the five senses i.e.

(a). Sight

(b). Hearing

(c). Taste

(d). Touch

(e). Smell

Let us use your day at the beach, for example. Let us see what you saw. Let us hear the sound of the children playing and calling to each other. Let us taste the ice cream you had. Or the cold soda that your dad bought you at the beach. Let us feel how hot the sand was under your feet. Let us smell the sweat pouring from your back. And let us feel the cool water cascade against your back as you swam.

Above all, put more practice by writing already before your teacher asks you to do so. Speak in English because people write what they are able to speak in normal conversation. Which method composition writing is like having a conversation with your best friend!

Task to be Done

Find a picture that depicts a scene at the beach. Imagine that you are one of the children in the picture, write a composition about what you and your friend (s) and other family members are doing in the picture. Make sure you include the five shared senses in your composition and make it as interesting as possible. The target information count is 250 words!

Ask your parents or siblings to help you gather ideas and when you are done, hand in your to your English teacher for marking. I can assure you, this will help build your skills in writing and raise your confidence as a creative writer. Whats more, your teacher might use your composition as a teaching sample and if you are courageous enough, you can already be asked to teach the whole class.

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